Terrible two’s.

Being a parent is all about what you can teach your child but also what you can learn from your child. Hattie has taught me many things, in someway, Hattie has taught me far more than I could ever teach her. She has taught me how it is possible to love something this much, this love is unimaginable and damn right scary but it came to me so easy and so fast.

I have taught Hattie how to walk, talk, her manners, how to be kind, her ABC’s, how to count to 10 and many other things but what she has taught me is far greater. She has had phases throughout her two and a half years that have tested me and made me feel like I am not good enough to be her mother.

When Hattie turned one she decided that she didn’t want to try new foods anymore and that she didn’t really want to eat at all and to be honest, it scared the life out of me but after seeing her health visitor, getting her weighed more often than usual I realised that its a normal thing to happen. Most children go through this phase and even if one day they don’t want to eat at all then no matter how much it worries you, you cant make a big deal out of it. You just have to carry on like normal and more times than not, they will get their appetite back and they will once again eat you out of house and home. A year and a half later and Hattie still wont try new foods and does go back and forth with eating ridiculous amounts and then eating absolutely nothing at all but that’s ok because she is still putting on weight and is still happy and healthy.

This last week and half has been the hardest I have experienced since becoming a mam. I have had to fight with Hattie about everything.

I’ve had to fight her to eat, to get dressed, to brush her teeth, to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. I never knew you could argue with a toddler until last week and now we argue at least twice a day. She has gone from the easiest child in the world to an absolute devil. She also likes hitting and punching when she has a tantrum, not just to me but to herself. So I can’t even ignore her when she’s kicking off about absolutely nothing because she will attack herself!!

She’s gobby and wiser than her years so everything is hard work right about now. I feel physically exhausted every single day and to make things worse, she isn’t well so she’s naturally touchy about everything. 8 times out of 10 she’s perfect but she does make up for it with her ridiculous tantrums she has, I have never heard anyone scream like she does.

Also time out doesn’t work on my child because when she is upset she will take herself away from the situation and leave the room to be by herself so time out to her isn’t punishment, its ideal.

This whole blog post is about how right now, I am mentally and physically struggling and its all thanks to the “terrible two’s.” (And her red hair of course) so thank you Terrible two’s, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my life hard work with the stroppiness and the bossiness.

Oh and thank you for knocking my diet on the head because Hattie’s attitude lately has made me stress eat.




Hattie will be 16 months old this month so her tantrums have only just begun and already I can feel myself dreading the horrendous tantrums that are on their way.

Right now, she’ll scream and cry over absolutely everything! But all of the tantrums start with a simple two letter word that sends my good girl into a red ball of fury and that word is the dreaded “NO!”

Its her worst word to hear but recently her favourite to say. She replies to anything with a no and then a shrug of her shoulders. My girl has far too much sass for her own good. She’s got the funniest attitude and the worst patience so of course she has about 30 plus tantrums daily with that mix of personality. Its safe to say she always keeps me on my toes.

I started off by showing her attention while she had a tantrum, trying to calm her and help her through it but now, as it happens daily, I leave her have a little cry and scream and then when she’s calmed down I’ll ask for a kiss and off she pops, happy as Larry pushing new boundaries that I will once again have to tell her that’s wrong.

Today she had the biggest tantrum yet. I was the worst mum by making sure her little booty is covered by the dreaded nappy. She screamed, pulled my hair all the while I was struggling with this bloody nappy! Once it was on, she sat on the floor, sobbing, trying to pull her nappy off and when she couldn’t she laid on the floor, face down crying her little heart out. All because I put her nappy on!

But of course, like every tantrum, it came abruptly to an end when she spotted her dolly.

One thing every parent needs to keep in mind while they watch their child cry and scream over absolutely nothing is that..


And after those little tantrums, they will once again turn back into your little angels where butter wouldn’t melt.. And of course that happens five minutes before dad walks through the door.