Something for myself –

For the past two years I’ve only been a mum. I know it sounds so bad – ‘only been a mum’ but I have and I have loved every minute of it but one thing my life has lacked and one thing I promised myself on New Years was that I would find something to do for myself. May it be a hobby, a course of some kind or even bloody bingo on a Tuesday night. Whatever it is, I promised myself I would find it and I would do it.

Although I have been wanting to attend bingo with some friends for a while now, (I am 22 not 82, believe me.) I haven’t had the chance but I have found something that I absolutely love and its something for myself. I have officially started a night course in my local college. Its every Monday for a couple of hours where I am out of the house, learning something new and interacting with new people.

I am studying Theatrical and Media Makeup and I am loving it! I feel like this is something I want to learn more of, something I want to wrap myself around, something I want to do well in. I’ve only been to three classes at the moment and I’ve only learnt bruising and scars but it is incredible. I find myself searching tutorials online, watching horrors just to see the makeup and wanting to go somewhere with this.

I will always be a mum first and foremost. Nothing will come close to my darling Hattie but I am still 22, I still want to learn new things and experience life. I am so thankful for my life that I don’t want to miss out on anything! I want to wake up and take in every beautiful thing, I want to breathe in life, I want to live!

I am going to make a career doing something I love and I honestly hope this is it! I hope I get to make a living out of this. I have so many plans on what I want to do after this course that I am so excited.

I know that no matter what happens, Hattie is going to grow up incredibly proud of me, I am her mother, I am incredibly proud of my mother in whatever she does but I do want Hattie to know that I am doing something I love and that no matter happens in her life, she can too.

Good people bring up even better children. I want Hattie to grow up loving the life she lives and if she doesn’t love it, I want her to be brave enough to change whatever she needs to change.

My  daughter is my life so I am going to make damn sure her life will always be brilliant.


Cocktails and contouring

A Saturday night in must consist of something fun. Take me out on in the background, cocktails are mixed and the makeup is out. So I thought why not turn this random makeover night into a new blog post so here it goes, this is my step to step guide to recreate this look. Just as a disclosure, I am in no way a make up artist, it is just a bit of fun.

DSCF2512I used on my sisters, Jasmine’s face Porefessional by Benefit to prime before using Maybelline Fit Me – 115 with the beauty blender. Myself and my sister are very pale and this is the best foundation to fit our complexion and it doesn’t feel like I have foundation caked on my face.

Photo of Jasmine with foundation: DSCF2522

I then went on to highlight her cheeks, forehead, nose, cupids bow and chin with Boi – ing 01 and outlined her cheekbones with Boi – ing 02. I used the Real Techniques concealer brush to apply the light and dark version of the concealer and used a damp beauty blender to blend it all together.

Photo of Jasmine with highlight and contouring: DSCF2523

After I did Jasmine’s highlight and contouring, I moved on to her eyes. I did a bronzey eye with liquid black eyeliner. I used Newlook eye shadow and eye pencil, Topshop eyeshadow and Ted Baker liquid eyeliner with Ted baker mascara.
I used the Newlook eye shadow all over the eye lids with the Newlook eye pencil in the crease which I then blended out with a fluffy brush. The purple Topshop eyeshadow was used on top of the Brown Newlook eyeshadow to give the colour a little more glitz. I then lined the eye with the Ted Baker liner and finished with the Ted Baker mascara.

Photo of the eye products: DSCF2525.JPG

Photo of Jasmine with her eyes completed: DSCF2527.JPG

I then went on to highlight and contour the face with powder and cream product just to add more definition to the face.

Products I used on the face:DSCF2530.JPG

Picture of Jasmine with her contour finished: DSCF2534



To finish off the face completely I then lined the lips with a deep purple lip liner from Newlook and a lighter purple lipstick from Newlook.

Picture of Jasmine with her makeup finished:DSCF2537


DSCF2540If you would like more blog post with step by step guides on any type of make up then please comment and let me know. This was very fun and I would happily do it again.