Sunshine, swimming pools and suntan lotion.

I once again have left my blog alone for a month. This time it has nothing to with my ‘feeling lost’ as right now, I have left my drama queen Alta ego alone. This long break has been because the sunshine has finally found South Wales. I have been no where near my laptop to be able to write any blog posts as my 18 month old has most definitely kept me on my toes.

In the last few days, we’ve been on many days out and been splashing around the paddling pool like there’s no tomorrow so I can officially say that summer is well and truly in full swing in my house hold.

Hattie has been eating copious amounts of ice cream and ice lollies, has had about 3 outfit changes a day and is still throwing tantrums and refusing to keep her hat on.  She has been dancing to the radio, laughing her head off and has said ‘more mammy’ more times than I can actually count.

My favourite sound to hear is Hattie’s belly laugh. Her chuckle goes on and on until it is rudely interrupted by a fit of hiccups and sometimes ever being sick in her own mouth but my god, seeing her that happy will forever be my favourite thing.

My least favourite sound is when I sit back and rehear all of the typical ‘mum’ things I have said to Hattie through out the day. Recently every time I open my mouth, my mum ends up coming out. I am turning more into her every day which isn’t a bad thing but my god, come on!

If I ever meet up with friends and take Hattie with me, I can see their eyes rolling into the back of their heads as while they are trying to tell me a story which would usually take them five minutes to tell, it is now thirty minutes down and I am still looking over their heads, ignoring everything they say while shouting – ‘Hattie, put that down!’ ‘Hattie, don’t touch that!’ ‘Hattie, come here and stop playing up!’ – I then turn back to my friend who has once again stopped talking and say ‘sorry, I didn’t hear you, what did you say?’ all that while once again ignoring everything they say while watching everything my now curious and adventurous daughter is doing. I am honestly still not good with multitasking and I don’t think I’ve listened to word people has said since Hattie started walking at nine months old.

The fact that once again I’ve gone off on one and started talking about something completely off topic shows that I do need to keep this blogging more frequently and stop taking such long breaks because many people reading this has probably gotten bored and gone on to something else but to the people who are still with me, comment below to collect your reward for actually taking time out of your day to listen to a mum ramble on about absolute rubbish!

Anyways, Hattie has awoken from her slumber and the sun is calling her name once again, see ya soon…. hopefully!