Holiday shopping.

There are good and bad sides to going on holiday at the end of September and they are that your tan will last a little longer through Autumn and sometimes even Winter, summer clothes are always on sale which is perfect for holiday shopping and that when everyone is feeling depressed about being home in rainy old Wales, you’re still counting down the days to your blissful 10 days in the sunshine. Which will consist of drinking cocktails, eating whatever you want and spending time as a family, playing and just enjoying each others company instead of pissing each other off with the day to day mundane moanings of life.

The bad side is that even though all of your usual shops are still very much packed with sale summer clothes, your daughters shops aren’t. So here I am, on a Wednesday night, panicking and searching for any type of summer clothes online that are your daughters size, not too thick for the Tenerife sun and are a little dressy. There are plenty of shorts and tshirts left but do you think I can find summer dresses and little jumpsuits?! No, of course not!

Nothing is ever as simple as it used to be before I had a child but I think that’s more to do with me than it is with Hattie. I mean what is so good with being organised? Because I’m 22 and Hattie is nearly 2 and I still cant get my head around not doing everything last minute. Last minute mother right here!


A letter to…

To the mum who’s leaving your two year old child have a tantrum in the supermarket while you carry on shopping, I applaud you. You’re wonder woman! I know what ‘huffs’ and rolling eyes can make you feel insecure in your parenting skills. I know that snide remarks can make you feel worthless and useless. You’re doing a great job!

To the mum who’s dancing and singing in the park with your children, I applaud you. You know exactly what matters in the world and who matters. You know that your children’s smiles make your world rotate that little bit easier and the comments and laughter of passers-by are not importing in your or your children’s lives. You’re showing your children how to act throughout their lives and that’s a great thing!

To the young mum breastfeeding in the café without a care in the world, I applaud you. Too many people care about the stigma of breastfeeding and everyday when you breastfeed your darling in public, you’re helping other mothers get the courage. You’re a wonderful woman who is only providing a lovely meal for their young. You’re proving every look and every snotty person wrong when you sit there breastfeeding.

Now to all the others who are spending their days judging mothers and their actions. You’ve either never had children or don’t remember having young children but its hard work. Yes, maybe the quiet carriage of the train isn’t so quiet as the 6 month old baby who is teething has just woken and is in agony but please don’t sigh loudly, give looks and make comments to the mum who’s been dealing with this all day and probably all night. Yes you’re tired from work but you get to go home, have a bath, a hot meal and sleep all night but the mother looking back at you probably isn’t so lucky, She’ll be comforting a crying baby most of the night and when the baby finally goes to sleep, that’s when she’s cleaning the house, having some food and finally getting some sleep herself.

Parenting is hard and its made even harder with others judging. You never feel like you’re doing the right thing, you’ve had no previous training and really, you’re just winging it! But take it from me, who’s a first time mum with a new mind set – Fuck them! It makes being a mum that much easier.



Hattie will be 16 months old this month so her tantrums have only just begun and already I can feel myself dreading the horrendous tantrums that are on their way.

Right now, she’ll scream and cry over absolutely everything! But all of the tantrums start with a simple two letter word that sends my good girl into a red ball of fury and that word is the dreaded “NO!”

Its her worst word to hear but recently her favourite to say. She replies to anything with a no and then a shrug of her shoulders. My girl has far too much sass for her own good. She’s got the funniest attitude and the worst patience so of course she has about 30 plus tantrums daily with that mix of personality. Its safe to say she always keeps me on my toes.

I started off by showing her attention while she had a tantrum, trying to calm her and help her through it but now, as it happens daily, I leave her have a little cry and scream and then when she’s calmed down I’ll ask for a kiss and off she pops, happy as Larry pushing new boundaries that I will once again have to tell her that’s wrong.

Today she had the biggest tantrum yet. I was the worst mum by making sure her little booty is covered by the dreaded nappy. She screamed, pulled my hair all the while I was struggling with this bloody nappy! Once it was on, she sat on the floor, sobbing, trying to pull her nappy off and when she couldn’t she laid on the floor, face down crying her little heart out. All because I put her nappy on!

But of course, like every tantrum, it came abruptly to an end when she spotted her dolly.

One thing every parent needs to keep in mind while they watch their child cry and scream over absolutely nothing is that..


And after those little tantrums, they will once again turn back into your little angels where butter wouldn’t melt.. And of course that happens five minutes before dad walks through the door.


dinner time.

Hattie will be 15 months on the 18th and some days she loves dinner time and others she despises it. There really is nothing more enjoyable than seeing Hattie eating and there’s also nothing more infuriating than trying to convince her to eat.

Tonight is one of those nights that she is despising dinner time. She normally loves fish pie but tonight it’s like I am trying to force her to eat warmed up shit. (Sorry about the bluntness).

I try everything with her. I even put Peppa Pig on my phone for her to watch as a little distraction but when she doesn’t want to eat, nothing will work. So here I am, googling the shit out of “how to make a toddler eat dinner” with the biggest stress headache of all time. Who said parenting was easy? Most definitely not me.

My hat goes off to all other parents going through the same struggle as I am, day in and day out. We could definitely be classed as the modern day super hero right?

Who knew a toddler refusing to eat could stress you out so much. They’re so little and so perfect but so bloody stubborn. So from today onwards I will be following a few steps that my trusty old friend Google gave me and jotting down the results and then writing a blog post in the hope that if the tips help me then they can also help other parents who like me either need a giant glass of wine or a giant pillow to scream into. I am choosing the wine.